After suffering from septic shock due to bacterial infection complications during shoulder rotator cuff surgery I am in need of a kidney transplant and searching for a living donor. I am currently on "The List" but the wait is 5 years. I have decided to take charge and full responsability of my plight with this grassroots Kampaign (don't ask why the K). Life is much more fragile than we ever imagine. Things can turn at the blink of an eye. One thing is sure; every moment is important. Every experience, good or bad, is essential in how we look at and appreciate living. I am grateful that the Lord gave me the strength to survive and the will to forever move forward. I am grateful for the family and friends I have for love and support. Bad things happen to good people and helpless children everyday. Why not me? It's all part of the test that will decide who I am and why I am fortunate enough to recognize all the good that I have.